API Submission

curl example

curl -H "Authorization: token 64BYTELONGUNIQUEAPIKEY"  \
        -F 'issue_type=FP' \
        -F 'sid=2000001' \
        -F 'comments=Please explain the issue here' \
        -F 'files=@/home/yourname/data/new.pcap' \

Python example

import requests

def main():
    url = ''
    headers = {'Authorization': 'token ' + api_key}
    files = {'files': open('x.pdf', 'rb')}
    payload = {
        'issue_type': 'FP',
        'sid': '2000001',
        'The SID generates a false positive for the attached file.'
    r =, headers=headers, data=payload, files=files)

if __name__ == '__main__':
Where —
Parameter Description Required Valid values
issue_type The type of feedback Yes
FP False Positive
FN False Negative
PERF Performance
COMP Compilation
NEWSIG New signature
NEWREQ New requirement
DESC Description
sid SID No 2000000-2999999 (from 2M upto 3M)
files submitted files No
  • File attachments are not required, but we encourage you to provide supporting material. This helps us analyze the isue much better.
  • Not more than 5 files (max)
  • Each file cannot be larger than 5MB (max)
comments Comments about the submission. Yes Maximum length: 400 characters